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The Bona Dea is a very ancient and holy Roman Goddess of Women and Healing, who was worshipped exclusively by women. Her true name is sometimes said to be Fauna, which means “She Who Wishes Well.” Fauna was considered Her secret name, not to be spoken–especially by men–so She is usually referred to by the name the women called Her: Bona Dea, or the “Good Goddess”.

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In ancient Roman religion, Mana Genita or Geneta Mana was the Goddess who could determine whether infants were born alive or dead. Her rites were carried out by the sacrifice of a puppy or bitch. The Roman writer Plutarch examined the nature of this obscure goddess in his Roman Questions, deriving Mana from the Latin verb manare, "to flow". Thus Her Name would be "Flux and Birth" or "Flowing Birth."

Gefjon is the Germanic and Nordic (Icelandic) Goddess of Vegetation, Agriculture, and Fertility. She is a shapeshifter who symbolizes growth, prosperity, virginity, good fortune, and the magical arts. According to mythology, she gave birth to four giant sons whom she transformed into oxen and used for ploughing the land. One of the Aesir deities, she is said to have been the founder of a royal Danish dynasty. Legend has it that maidens who died as virgins became her servants.

White Shell(or White Bead) Woman, also called Turquoise Woman and Abalone Woman, is sometimes said to be a younger version of Changing Woman. White is the color of dawn and of the east. White Shell Woman, the Creator and Sustainer of Life, created the Navajo peple and sent them their home. As gifts, she gave them shells, which became corn and other food-bearing plants; she gave them the animals; she gave them the gifts of rain and beautiful flowers. With the sun, she is the mother of…

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