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Hermes, after a painting by W. B. Richmond. From The magazine of art vol. 9, London, Paris, New York, Melbourne, 1886.

Tsuyoshi Nagano : Isis

Salome: Dance of the Seven Veils is also thought to have originated with the myth of the fertility goddess Ishtar (Astarte) of Assyrian and Babylonian religion.

Hermes, archetype of multiple personas. Hermes-Mercury-Thoth is the god of language, arts, trickster, messenger, transitions between life and death, transformation, and magick

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pagans - c. 1890s british isles

Odin and Fenris (Source: Myths of the Norsemen from the Eddas and Sagas, Hélène Adeline Guerber, 1909)

終焉の画家 - ズジスワフ・ベクシンスキーの滅びの世界

終焉の画家 - ズジスワフ・ベクシンスキーの滅びの世界 | モノクロ編:DDN JAPAN