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ブランドテーマは「SENSE OF JAPAN」日本は古くから頭を着飾る風習があり、『override』はそういった日本における帽子の長い歴史、その中で育んだ日本人特有の感覚・感情・感動を大切にしたいと考えています。

doctor who bookmarks $8

Benedict Cumberbatch, Sherlock behind the scenes. Haha this is great

I can't stop laughing! Though Sherlock is like Toothless in many ways. Both rely on someone else (John/Hiccup) to do what they do best as John becomes Sherlock's moral compass and Toothless can't fly without Hiccup. Toothless and Sherlock sulk when Hiccup and John are slow or don't do what they should. Sherlock and Toothless both mimic their best friend regarding behaviour and facial expressions etc. Etc.!


I have never seen anything more true

Mark Gatiss on Mycroft

"This.... is fairly accurate." <<<some of us are like "aw John's so bloody cute" some of us are "Sherlock omg no what" some of us are like "SEASON FOURRRR" and some of us feel all these things plus a very odd sense of confusion