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Japanese--my mother tongue, consisting of Hiragana あいうえお, Katakana アイウエオ, and Kanji (Chinese characters) 愛. We even use roman characters. Maybe Kanji makes people to learn Japanese very hard


祇園 京料理 花咲 祇園店

祇園 京料理 花咲 KYOTO JAPAN

日本人のごはん/お弁当/パン Japanese meals/Bento/Bread ワンちゃん型サンドウィッチ Doggy sandwich これはDachshundですかね…つい手が出ちゃいそうですね

Japanese sweets / 堤桜(Tsutsumizakura)

Japanese sweets / 染井吉野(Somei-yoshino) Well now, this is kind of perverted if you ask me.... hee hee ;)

Japanese wisteria bonsai---so magnificent I don't even want to know what kind of time and work went into it. Because plants aren't my strong suit.

Japanese White-eye(Zosterops japonicus) native range includes South Asia, Japan, China, Taiwan and the Philippines