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Naruto - Has two animes. I need to finish of watching Naruto Shippuden and the manga. Has a lot of filters in the anime.

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連載完結記念 岸本斉史 NARUTO-ナルト-展(森アーツセンターギャラリー) | HAPPY PLUS ART(ハピプラアート)


トレ on

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Minato & Kushina <3


アゲハ on

Omg I'm crying... KAKASHI: .... Ok!!me: what ur not gonna comfort me fine whatevs!! Sasuke:*hugs me* it's ok..!! Me: thx sasuke!! -Alayna Uchiha


じゃんぷ on

Don't know what they saying but still listens to Kakashi even after they're all grown up


きらげら on

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