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Hadrian: Roman emperor famous for his wall, being the first emperor to have a beard and his homosexuality

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20 193. Didius Julianus CAESAR MARCVS DIDIVS SEVERVS IVLIANVS AVGVSTVS. Won auction held by the Praetorian Guard for the position of emperor. March 28, 193 AD – June 1, 193 AD Executed on orders of the Senate

Egyptian God Horus. Also share s the same bday as Jesus also born of a virgin as well as many other similarities attributed to Jesus. One of many in fact to perpetuate the same Jesus story


Palazzo Nuovo

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The Sultan Mehmet II | Gentile Bellini | 1480 | oil on canvas | 27 1/2 x 20 1/2 in | National Gallery, London, UK

Vipsania Agrippina or most commonly known as Agrippina Major was a prominent Roman woman of the first century AD. Agrippina was the wife of the general and statesman Germanicus and a relative to the first Roman Emperors. She was the second granddaughter of the Emperor Augustus, sister-in-law, stepdaughter and daughter-in-law of the Emperor Tiberius, mother of the Emperor Caligula, maternal second cousin and sister-in-law of the Emperor Claudius and the maternal grandmother of the Emperor…

Crouching Aphrodite (Venus Accroupie), a second century marble sculpture of the Imperial Roman Era, based on an original Greek statue of 3rd Century BC, height: 71 cm (27 ¾ in.), from the collection of Louis XIV, now in Musée du Louvre, Paris, France

Imperio Romano de Trajano