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The [Awaji Yumebutai's] Water Plaza of Shells. One million scallop shells have been spread across a surface of aapproximately 10,000m2. The water flowing on the surface ripples due to the unevenness.

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DIY: Window Trim Painting Tricks

絵のトリック,絵画プロジェクト,Trim Painting,Paint Painting 101,Painting Gotta,Painting Refinishing,Paint Trim,Paint Tips,Paint Job

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This Guy Spends $2.75 A Year On Food And Eats Like A King

This Guy Spends $2.75 A Year On Food And Eats Like A King. -- This is a story about food waste.

Greek airforce pilot flies his F16 to Turkey to withdraw cash.

Students design virtual-reality art gallery


Virtual art gallery mimics and defies reality

アーティストはしないでください,バーチャルアート,仮想空間,バーチャルリアリティ,ではない一般的に行います,デジタルアーティスト,Defies Reality,Worldly Work,Outer Worldly

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