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Anubis Egyptian God Print



Stargate movie Anubis warrior armor concept art

Granblue Fantasy Artwork

Anubis Golden Skin Concept Art (Smite) by Andy Timm / PTimm

Kalrax- Legendary Minotaur King. Abilities - Iron Skin -> No normal weapon can even scratch him. Heightened Senses -> Nearly impossible to catch him off-guard. God Strength -> One mighty blow can shatter a Mountain in half. Weapon (Jarrad)- Absolute Slicing -> Can slice through any matter. Bloodlust -> If the weapon cuts through flesh, the victim's power is drained and the user's power is amplified 2 times their normal strength and endurance.

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The latest Tweets from 【公式】メルクストーリア (@merc_storia). 『メルクストーリア - 癒術士と鈴のしらべ -』の公式Twitterアカウントなのだよ(≧v≦●)♪リプは時間割に従ってしか出来ないからら、急ぎのお問合せや、調査が必要そうな難しい質問は下記までお願いするなのだよ・゚(´っω~。)゚【】

by G.River from Kingdom Conquest