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Japanese poem Haiku by Izumi Shikibu (978~unknown) “What color is / this blowing autumn wind, / that it can stain my body / with its touch.”

Japanese poem by Minamoto no Tsunenobu from Ogura 100 poems (early 13th century) "When the evening comes, / From the rice leaves at my gate, / Gentle knocks are heard, / And, into my round rush-hut, / Enters autumn's roaming breeze." 夕されば 門田の稲葉 おとづれて あしのまろやに 秋風ぞふく (calligraphy by yopiko)

Japanese poem Haiku by Basho MATSUO (1644-1694) "In my humble view / the netherworld must be like this— / autumn evening" 松尾芭蕉

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無謬への密やかな憧れそしてその雜食の極に (kakkon-toh hannya-toh konpei-toh) (medicine joy-of-water memory-of-children) And... "私の家は私の復活の場所より東に有る。 My home's in the eastward direction Of my own ressurection"