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A Japanese army air force pilot with his Mitsubishi Ki-21 bomber aircraft, 1942.

WW2 Junkers Ju87G-2 "the Stuka" - a 2-man German, steep-dive bomber known for pinpoint precision with an identifiable scream when diving. A fearsome icon of the early Blitzkrieg campaigns, the G-2 had a pair of 37mm Flak guns in pods under its wings. It was deadly as a tank destroyer, but when unescorted the Stuka was vulnerable to attack from Spitfires Hurricanes. As a result, it was most used on the Russian front.

Pilots from fighter group 4-11.JG54 with Hans Philipp BF-109 in Kokrl France during the Battle of Britian 1940.


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F-4 Phantom


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Japanese pilot

Fighter pilot Richard Ira Bong and his wife, Marge Sieland, pose on an airstrip next to Bong's P-38 Lightning (also named Marge) in Minnesota during a publicity tour. Taken by a Minneapolis newspaper photographer on June 12, 1944. Tragically Bong died in 1945 when the fuel pump of the plane he was flying malfunctioned. #vintage #1940s #WW2

With the high risk of being blown up some of the best British Spitfire pilots started tipping the German V1's wing, because of damage to wing tips they later developed a tactic of disrupting the airflow by placing their wing very close to the V1's wing, causing it to topple & miss it's target.