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Finger ring with link in the shape of a knot. Roman, 300-500 Gold.

Roman Bracelet, 1st/3rd Century A.D.

Gold ring, the ribbed hoop terminating in beaded shoulders supporting the cruciform bezel set with two emeralds in oblong settings, centred on a third emerald in a round setting flanked above and below by two rubies similarly set Late Roman, 4th century A.D., hoop perhaps later.

Gold filigree and beaded ring, an amethyst cameo bust of the Virgin Mary. C. 1100.

Saxon Bracelets

Gold, the stirrup shaped ring rising to an apex set with a cabochon sapphire. English, c. 1200

Medieval German Gold ring, the beaded hoop terminating at globules at the shoulders, supporting the round flat bezel with beaded border enclosing a cloisonné pattern of three trefoils on a dark blue ground. German, 9-11th centuries A.D.

Here is a Gold hoop earring from the Roman Period 31 BCE - CE 235. The earring is all gold with an amethyst pendant dangling from the hoop.

Roman Gold Bracelet, Circa 300s B.C., Inside the repeated motive, in the center, are pearls. Their conservation is very good considering the age of the piece. The pearls are typically from the Arabian waters, either from the Red Sea or from the Arabian Gulf. The Arabian Gulf is the most probable provenance. The pearl trading route was, in antique times, going from Basra in today Iraq to Aleppo in Syria, and from there to the Byzantine capital Constantinople.

Finger ring 4th Century AD Roman, found in Athens (Source: The British Museum)