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Agate belt set From China Tang dynasty (AD 618-906)

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8 Kitschy Decorations That Will Never Go Out Of Style

8 Kitschy Decorations That Will Never Go Out Of Style…

Tang Dynasty. The chart of the make-up order for Tang Dynasty women. [Painted by Gao Chunming, selected from Chinese Clothing by Hua Mei.]

Period Tang Dynasty Hanfu

Tang Dynasty. Silk robe with floral medallion. China National Silk Museum. This is a silk robe with overlapping collar and front panels opening to the left, fitting sleeves and a slit up from the hem in the back. Using a patterned compound twill (samite) with brown floral motifs for ground, the dominant motif is a large floral medallion. This gorgeous pattern best exemplifies the typical floral medallion patterns at the height of the Tang Dynasty. China National Silk Museum.