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Musée du Louvre : Bague-sceau au nom du roi Horemheb

Falcon collar of Princess Neferuptah. Made of gold, carnelian and feldspar. Dated from the twelfth dynasty of Egypt, reign of Amenemhat III, 1831-1786 BCE. (The Egyptian Museum, Cairo.)

Liisa Hashimoto

Roman, Carved intaglio gemstone, 1st-3rd century (source).

Gold ring from Egypt with the eye of Re and Horus of carnelian. The Mystic Eye should protect against snakes and the evil eye.

Instalaciones de procesamiento de información y culturales Akita | Novedades | - en el centro de las figuras de barro DOGU- exposición especial Akita de la oración la gente de Jomon

Crown of Napoleon at The Louvre, Paris, France

ALBION ART Historical Jewelry - Ancient Gold, Amethyst Ring, circa 1100, Private Collection.

AN EGYPTIAN AGATE FROG LATE PERIOD TO PTOLEMAIC PERIOD, 664-30 B.C. Perhaps the lid of a cosmetic vessel, on an oval plinth, naturalistically rendered, the eyes and mouth delineated by incision, pierced horizontally through the chest and stomach; mounted as a ring in a modern gold setting

Japanese stone carved guardian lion-dogs at Shinto shrine, Koma-inu 狛犬