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A statue of the Buddha in the Yungang Grottoes

国宝 浄瑠璃寺 阿弥陀如来中尊像 National treasure Amitabha Buddha of Joruriji temple, Kyoto

Leshan giant (!) Buddha, China.无以言表的大!

Being too hard on oneself: 1) I'm human and that you make mistakes 2) Patience. Sometimes new situations, take time to learn new things. Enjoy the learning process. 3) Be aware of negative self talk. 4) I do the best I can at the time of the event. Forgive yourself. 5) Let past regrets go. Sid Smith -"You can suffer from a life experience, or you can learn, move on and thrive. The choice ... is yours.” 6) Instead of replaying events over and over again in my head - pause, pray, turn.

Golden Buddha image

buddha uttarabodhi mudra

Yungang Grottoes are ancient Chinese Buddhist temple grottoes near the city of Datong. There is colossal statues of Buddha. This picture shows one of the middle sized one.

buddhas in bangkok