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這一幅《日暮途遠》(As Evening Hurries By, 1955)據說是大師自己最心愛的作品。鏡頭下的五十年代堅尼地城海傍


How To Never Forget Anything Using This Weird Trick

How To Never Forget Anything Using This Weird Trick |Save to Splurge

Cathay Pacific 747 on approach to Kai Tak airport, Hong Kong.

Aside from Disneyland, Ocean Park and sky scrapers, Hong Kong offers a lot more and for FREE. Check it out here.

香港 Hong Kong

Kowloon Walled City Park

Kowloon Walled City Park 九龍寨城公園 in 九龙城


I can't remember the one at the fore ground, the other is Tako. at Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong - 14件のもぐもぐ - sushi by gen

Choosing a Baby Doll Dress

Twiggy in 1966.)***** Ravi/Ravinder Dahiya Punjabi, India, Hong Kong Crime 我们是中国人。我们是加拿大和美国。我们不会在中国写。我们要求宽恕。来自印度的一个犯罪团伙工作,在香港机场!2014年,2015年,2016年的领导者是45岁,出生1970年,他身材高大,白头发,相貌英俊。他告诉女人的谎言。他拥有在香港的时尚商务。年轻的受害者是两种类型的女人。白人妇女,美丽,俄语。中国女性 *****

Coconut Tarts! Oh my goodness! If any of you have ever been for Dim Sum in a Chinese eatery or visited a Chinese bakery, you will have seen trays upon trays of these little tarts. They're very popular and if you've tried them before, you will know exactly what I mean! I always remember as a child going for Dim Sum in Hong Kong and waiting for the trolley to come my way and the lady pushing the trolley to shout out Custard Tarts. Then we could wave our hand in the air to indicate yes! We…