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Figurative Language Task Card Bundle

This printer-friendly black and white set of 42 task cards will give your students practice in identifying: - Similes - Metaphors - Personifcation - Idioms - Analogies $3.00

3rd Grade Standardized Math Test Prep Task Cards (MCA - Minnesota)

This beautiful set of 42 task cards are the perfect way to prepare your students for the MCA III. Each task card is labeled with the specific benchmark of the Minnesota state standards it aligns with.

Think I've just about got these down now!

Figurative Language in Famous Fiction TASK CARDS

Many students often associate figurative language with poetry and not prose. Therefore, these Task Cards help to draw their attention to figurative language in extracts from famous fiction

Fact or Opinion Task Card Bundle

This beautiful set of task cards will provide you with everything you need to help your students understand and identify the difference between facts and opinions.

{FREE} Halloween Simile and Metaphor Task Cards Mini Set

FREE- Humorous Christmas poem full of idioms. Students find the idioms and identify them on the provided chart (also in both color and black/white).

Figurative Language Scoot/Task Cards (School Theme)

Students can have fun practicing similes, metaphors, alliteration, onomatopoeia, personification, and idioms with these poetry task cards. Forty figurative language task cards are included as well as a recording sheet (in both color and black/white) and an answer key. ($)

Adjectives Task Cards - Grammar Practice

Adjectives Task Cards - Grammar Practice Set ($)

Simile and Metaphor Task Cards

Simile and Metaphor Task Cards Figurative Language. Challenge your students to identify and interpret the meaning of common similes and metaphors with this set of 24 differentiated simile and metaphor task cards. $