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This printer-friendly black and white set of 42 task cards will give your students practice in identifying: - Similes - Metaphors - Personifcation - Idioms - Analogies $3.00

This printer-friendly set of 48 task cards will provide your students with a lot of practice identifying: - nouns - pronouns - verbs - adverbs - adjectives - prepositions

Think I've just about got these down now!

Add depth and complexity to your instruction with these Critical Thinking Literature/Reading Task Cards. These task cards are perfect for any fiction reading materials: novels, short stories, anthologies! Prepare to hear some amazing discussion in your classroom! $

Use these 24 TASK CARDS AND QR CODE CARDS featuring favorite fairytale characters to provide an element of fun to learning grammar.

Included in this notebook you will find: Flap books, Science experiments, Written response questions, Task Cards, several independent practice sheets, Vocabulary Review sheet, Rocks & Minerals Quiz and answer keys.

These 8 Figurative Language Posters are a great way for you to introduce different types of figurative language and can also be displayed in the classroom and used as a reference for your students. There is a poster for each type of figurative language including similes, idioms, metaphors, hyperbole, alliterations, personifications, and onomatopoeia, as well as a title poster that says Figurative Language. Also included in my Figurative Language Unit for 4th/5th grades! (TpT Resource)

Would you like your students more clear on figurative language and sound devices? Motivate them with this must-have creative STATION work! You get 8 different stations with task cards and inviting student handouts for each. Students identify and analyze figurative language, and then brainstorm to apply their knowledge in imaginative ways.

Use the Spring Figurative Language Task Cards as a center station, for an introductory activity to your daily class, for whole-class instruction, for a partner review activity, etc. Also included are a terminology page, which reviews the figurative language used on the cards (simile, metaphor, hyperbole, personification, onomatopoeia, and idiom) for students to use and save and a Figurative or Literal Sort Mini-Unit.

....i think i have heard about 20 of these..i only know like....9....

....i think i have heard about 20 of these..i only know like....9....

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