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I lost a friend that day, but I also got the chance to make a new friend from his ashes.

To, co najpiękniejsze w naturze bywa płochliwe i umyka naszym oczom. Zatrzymaj piękno natury na dłużej na

Faun | The faun is a rustic forest god or goddess of Roman mythology often associated with enchanted woods and the Greek god Pan and his satyrs.

Magic Castle on the Mountain....this is in my recurring dream! Can't believe I found it.

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Which Greek God Are You?

Greek and Roman religion have very similar qualities. Both religions are polytheistic and even share the same Gods. Mall amounts of sacrifice and needed to get in contact with Gods to ask them a favor. Gods are often included in many Greek and Roman legends that tell great life lessons and not to go against the Gods. Roman Gods are a bit more barbarous then Greek a Gods and and are upstaged in powers and their aspects due to Rome having a different intake from the gods then the Greeks.

Hawthorn by Peter Pracownik. "The Hawthorn (Celtic name Huath) flowers at Beltane, the third and final rite of Spring. It celebrates the vanquishing of the Dark Lord of Winter and the advent of the rampant fertility of New Creation."