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The German word "Kummerspeck" translates to "grief bacon", and is their way of describing emotional overeating.


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Bird words in 9 languages.

Tokyo to replace romanized Japanese with English on signboards for tourists / A traffic signboard in central Tokyo, top, shows the place name in both kanji and romanized Japanese. The latter was expected to shortly be replaced by text in English. (Provided by the transport ministry)

ピンもと:The Pioneer Woman

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Japanese--my mother tongue, consisting of Hiragana あいうえお, Katakana アイウエオ, and Kanji (Chinese characters) 愛. We even use roman characters. Maybe Kanji makes people to learn Japanese very hard. But I have some German friends who speak and write Japanese very well.

Sign language ~ words ~ Hands can express so many things from language to love ♥ UAGE - Baby Sign Language Cards See our Sign Language Fonts at

An archaic stroke chart of Japanese Hiragana characters. 日本語ひらがな文字の古風なストロークチャート。Via Kuboji on Tumblr. #learn #language #education

Kummerspeck, German word, no English equivalent. Griefbacon