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˚American Five-Lined Skink Lizard

爬虫類両生類の甲殻類,カメレオン,明るいオレンジ色,オレンジブラウン,動物,オレンジ,Lizards Jaszczurki,Turtles Reptiles,Reptiles Amphibiens


Pseudotriton ruber schencki: Black-chinned Red Salamander

Amphibian | Frog | Toad | Anuran | лягушка | 蛙 | Grenouille | Red Eastern Newt


Mother Nature and her creation of a sensitive barometer in the Spotted Salamander (Ambystoma maculatum), they are so cool to see:

Agamo Lizard, Calote Lizard a.k.a. Oriental Garden Lizard