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Sam Winchester by Petite-Madame

超自然ファンアート,超自然ディーン·ウィンチェスター,超自然的なもの,超自然の執着,フロント,Supernatural Absolutely,Supernatural Ermagherd,Supernatural Awesomesauce,Supernatural Coffee

Castiel the angel

Lol Cas smiting Beiber Thank you Cas, I owe you my life

Jensen Ackles - Bonnie Hunt Show 2009

Does any one else think Dean's nose looks weird like the skin was ripped or rubbed off and it's made of jelly instead of bone?Oh and pretty cool fan art.

DEAN/CASTIEL- Demons - YouTube. Another awesome destiel video by soberdenatural, i really love imagine dragons, watch it now!!!