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Hee!! I love 'em . I mean, LOOK HOW CLOSE THEY'RE STANDING

#PhxCon2015 #Jensen #Misha They have the best friendship that I have seen in a long time....I just love them both.

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“Ooh, you even smell amazing. What is your secret, Samuel?” “Showering.” WAKE FOR ME by Isobel Irons

This would probably happen and then when he left they would just kind of stare for a moment and dean might say "My husband?" As he looks at Cas and Cas might blush.

"Skin" and "Fan Fiction." Brothers. I was watching "Fan Fiction" with my sister a day or two ago, and she's watching Supernatural on Netflix -- slowly. In passing I mentioned that the show had been going on for almost ten years, and she just goes, "WHAT?! But they look the same!" (I believe that translated to: "WHAT?! But Dean looks the same!")

Mark misses the 200 episode party so Misha, Jensen and Jared text him to tell him what he missed - YouTube