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tom sachs

Mickey is sampling you

アートインスタレーション,楽音,動く彫刻,Making Waves Blogposts,Music Installation,Sound Art,Musical Ways,Listens,Responds

トム・サックス『Heaven』 - アート・デザインイベントを探す?

Pam, 2013, English porcelain, Temple white glaze, Kintsugi, NASA Red inlay h.10.2×w.13.0×d.13.7cm ©Tom Sachs

Сюрреализм Тони Футуры высмеивает современную поп-культуру

Тони Футура (Tony Futura)

Kayo Satou

Aline Zeltner

Tom Friedman Untitled, 1995 Toothpicks 26 x 30 x 23 inches A starburst construction made out of 30,000 toothpicks

Listen to the sea ...

Paintings with headphones

Paintings with headphones IDEA:traditional paintings with a headphone connector in the canvas frame. WHAT:The Sound Of Creation Brian Eno created musicfor Beezy Baileys paintings and inserted a little audio player inside the canvas frame with headphones connected. WHY:Music gets connected with a new physical object and is displayed in a differentcontext. BY: Brian Eno & Beezy Bailey. Art Exhibition Playback Unique Visualization Beezy Bailey Brian Eno The Sound Of Creation Venice