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Skull divided to remove anterior hemisphere, brain removed to show cranial fossa and dura mater. Tentorium cerebelli shown intact, some cranial nerves visible, anterior view. Illustration by Nicolas Henri Jacob from Traité Complet De L'anatomie De L'homme by Marc Jean Bourgery, 1831. ~~ ~~

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Dissection of the head and neck, cranial, spinal and sympathetic nerves. Lithograph with hand-colouring by Nicolas Henri Jacob from 'Traité complet de l'anatomie de l'homme' by Jean-Baptiste Marc Bourgery, 1831. ~~ ~~

Harvard Psychological Laboratory Display. Circa 1892.


Nerves of the hand. This anatomical artwork is plate 61 from volume 3 (1844) of 'Traite complet de l'anatomie de l'homme' (1831-1854). This 8-volume anatomy atlas was produced by the French physician and anatomist Jean-Baptiste Marc Bourgery (1797-1849). The illustrations were by Nicolas-Henri Jacob (1781-1871)


Removal of the tongue, hyoid bone and larynx to show the muscles of the palate and pharynx. From 'Practical Medical Anatomy' by Ambrose L. Ranney, 1882. ~~ ~~