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Airline pilot captures the launch of the MUOS-2 satellite

Size of Andromeda if it were brighter!

Best selfie ever.

Earth at night …great photo from space.

The space shuttle Endeavour launching to orbit. Images of the rising shuttle and its plume became widely circulated over the web shortly after Endeavour's final launch. The above image was taken from a shuttle training aircraft and is not copyrighted.

Travel in Outer Space

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One Last Look At The Space Shuttle Endeavour's Cockpit Before It's Shut Down Forever

The Space Shuttle Endeavour's Cockpit

Fact # No.4. It is impossible to take a photo of the universe but as far as can be determined as of now it is thought to be about 30,000,000,000 (30 billion) light years in diameter. ie. Travelling at 186,000 miles per second it would take us 30 billion years to cross it. There is one school of thought that says that we may be only one universe out of an infinite number of them. We are NOT alone, whatever your religion may tell you !