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Nute Gunray was a Neimoidian from the planet Neimoidia. Following a stint as Minister for the Trade Federation, he rose in power after the Stark Hyperspace War in 44 BBY, eventually becoming Viceroy of the Trade Federation. In 32 BBY, Gunray participated in the occupation of Naboo with the Federation Army to settle a trade dispute that began in the Galactic Senate. #nute #gunray #star #wars

Nute Gunray(Neimoidian) Star Wars

Plo Koon

Plo Koon was a Kel Dor male from the planet Dorin who became a Jedi Master and a lifetime member of the Jedi High Council, holding the position from after the Stark Hyperspace War to the end of the Galactic Republic

Captain Panaka #captain #panaka #star #wars

Luminara Unduli

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Dooku was a Jedi Master who fell to the dark side of the Force and became a Dark Lord of the Sith, known as Darth Tyranus. Born into a noble family on the planet Serenno, he was the heir to vast wealth and the noble title of Count. Dooku was taken by the Jedi Order as a child and apprenticed to Thame Cerulian. As a Jedi Knight, he took Qui-Gon Jinn as his first Padawan.

Captain Daultay Dofine

Wedge Antilles, the best pilot ever imo.

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BB-8: The Force Awakens by Timothy Anderson