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Nute Gunray was a Neimoidian from the planet Neimoidia. Following a stint as Minister for the Trade Federation, he rose in power after the Stark Hyperspace War in 44 BBY, eventually becoming Viceroy of the Trade Federation. In 32 BBY, Gunray participated in the occupation of Naboo with the Federation Army to settle a trade dispute that began in the Galactic Senate. #nute #gunray #star #wars

*NUTE GUNRAY (Viceroy of the Trade Federation) ~ STAR WARS:


Trade Federation Core Ship

Old school new school.

Trade Federation Battle Droids


Padme Amidala Picnic Dress Cosplay Costume Star Wars

Star Wars: episode II. Padme Amidala Naboo Picnic Dress - back lacing detail.

A1 PLASTIK: Star Wars Trade Federation Battle Droid (12")

Padme Amidala: At age thirteen, she became Queen of Naboo. She served two terms and respectfully declined a proposed third term. Instead, she went on to become a Senator of the Galactic Republic. Her crowning achievements were becoming the beloved wife of Ankin Skywalker (A.K.A Darth Vader) and mother of twins Princess Leia Solo of Alderaan and Luke Skywalker, last of the Jedi.