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Color For Your Skin Tone: Winter

clear winter color analysis palette

Are You a Winter-Summer (Cool Winter)?

Cool Winter board cover photo // Read more about this seasonal color palette on my blog | #SeasonalColorAnalysis #ColorPalette #CoolWinter

Winter color chart. Season Color Analysis - As the seasons change throughout the year your personal season will remain unwavering further enhancing your natural beauty. When you are a winter colour type, all clothing in colors of this chart will look great on you.

Discover Your Power Colors! What Season Are You?

Best colors for a Winter

カットオフワイド チノパンツ カットオフワイド チノパンツ 20520 IENA IENA Denim Collection…

Winters can have a lot of fun being dramatic with their colors and fashion since their features are typically dark and strong. What ever you do, run away from mustard yellow, browns, oranges, beiges and muted, warm tones. You can pull off a strong, cool red lip and black liquid eyeliner, so rock it!

How To Wear Mauve For A Clear Winter


pink iceberg

Color For Your Skin Tone: Winter

Best Colors for: Cool Winter, Deep Winter, & Clear Winter Skin Tones - especially around the face