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What xD

ハリネズミのソニック,銀ハリネズミ,ソニックファンダム,ピクチャ,光,ドロー,アート,S̶O̶N̶I̶C̶ Shadow,Sonic Shadow

She found his 'ticklish' spot.. lol! Yeah, He didn't really get that far from her. Whatever~ Got bored. Have some Shadamy. :I

Pg. 306-"What do you mean?" I say, confused. "It's're looking at what's right in front of you. You need to see the bigger picture. There's more happening than another run of the mill good guy vs. bad guy thing going on here. There are huge things in play here-other worlds, other dimensions, perhaps even other times-and this book is a hint of that. I found it on my hammock, I don't think I even put it there! Something mysterious is going on."

☆♡ Buenos tiempos ☆♡

☆♡ Buenos tiempos ☆♡