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Stamp: Stromatolites, Fossil Algae, Precambrian Eon (Canada) (Prehistoric Canada (1st series), Primitive Life) Mi:CA 1187,Sn:CA 1281,Yt:CA 1149,Sg:CA 1390

Stamp: Eusthenopteron foordi, Early Fish, Devonian Period (Canada) (Prehistoric Canada (2nd series), Primitive Vertebrates) Mi:CA 1222,Sn:CA 1308,Yt:CA 1180,Sg:CA 1417

Stamp: Ammonite from Villány (Hungary) (Fossils and Minerals) Mi:HU 2524A,Sn:HU 1994,Yt:HU 2060

Stamp: Fossile of Black scorpionfish (Scorpaena porcus) (Switzerland) (Pro Patria) Mi:CH 733,Sn:CH B305,AFA:CH 729,Zum:CH B105

[][][] Stamp Series: The Automatistes. La derniere campagne de Napoleon. Fernand Leduc.


The cute rabbit one of Chinese God beast vintage stamps in 1987