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Mt. Fuji above a Cloud by Hokkei from the set of Three Lucky Dreams, originally published in late 1820s. Surimono with gold-colored metallic pigment.

Fudô Pass on the Mikuni Road in Kôzuke Province / Hokkei 諸国名所 上野 三国越不動峠 魚屋北渓 1834~1835年頃 銃を担いだ猟師が猟犬を連れている。

Better get the Holy Hand Grenade! Ohara Koson - Hare and Moon

瓜に蛇 魚屋北渓 1809年? “芬陀利華 和書くらへ 著聞集 龍になる蛇も出かけて山々に桜の花の雲を起せり 旭山人” ※参照:瓜に蛇|その他の絵師|浮世絵のアダチ版画オンラインストア

ZsaZsa Bellagio – Like No Other: Stormy Weather

tiremat: Totoya Hokkei - Pilgrimaging to Enoshima, “Toy sea gulls at samesu”

Flounder and Red Bream by Hokkei. Best known for his surimono. Hokkei was originally a fishmonger (hence his name Totoya), and made a number of surimono designed with fish and shells.



Awabi (Ear-Shell) and Various Shells Totoya Hokkei (Japanese, 1780–1850)