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Death Note (Matt, Near, Mello)<<< This is cute❤

**********Spoiler*************** I swear tho L just died and I'm sad he was the best I cried and omg why would they do this to me YOU CANT DO THAT TO ME WHYYYYYYY

A good example of being torn between good and evil. Death Note is a show where the main character is an anti-hero. He finds a notebook that kills the person whose name is written into the book. The main character, ironically named Light, finds the book and kills all known criminals on Earth. Murder is illegal but he's also doing a civic good. Is Light evil or good?

ちょこちょこ描いてたデスノ絵。ニア多めです ※途中、他版権のコスプレやコラボなどがあったりします。 遅ればせながらドラマ化おめでとうございます!今日の夜からなんですね……緊張してきました…(;゚д゚)  最後だけデスドラ絵です。 ■追記:色々…何かもう…感無量でした( ;∀;) 面白かった! ブクマ、評価、タグなどありがとうございます! More

Death Note l lawliet


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Death Note.

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