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Asian sheepshead wrasse(Semicossyphus reticulatus)コブダイ▶Yoriko the Asian sheepshead wrasse at Sunosaki Shrine

Raccoon Dog(Nyctereutes procyonides albus)エゾタヌキ  subspecies of Japanese Raccoon Dog, inhabit only in a part of Hokkaido

Russian flying squirrel(Pteromys volans orii)エゾモモンガ

Common Raccoon(Procyon lotor)▶Controled by the Invasive Alien Species Act . Import, transport and keeping are prohibited in Japan ▶100 of the Japan's Worst Invasive Alien Species ▶アライグマ〜特定外来生物(環境省2005)、日本の侵略的外来種ワースト100 ▶自然分布域〜カナダからパナマ▶人獣共通感染症「アライグマ回虫症」