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Libra... So true!!!

#libra ... Very true

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Yep, we are screwed. We expect the narcissist in our life to reciprocate love, respect, empathy ... but these are foreign to narcissists (not by choice, but caused by their own negligent/abusive upbringing). We must let go of one or the other -- our picture of how it's supposed to be, or the narcissist.

More like people who are consumed with our family and happiness who push themselves into our life. Who dwell on our joy. Envy, and jealousy are very evil dangerous traits in a person.

HONESTLY THE BEST QUOTE TO LIVE BY!!!! I'm sorry but life is way to short to hold grudges be mad and keep shit bottled up, let it go, there is a bigger picture. Enjoying life and not making it miserable for you or anyone else!! The more you try at making another persons life miserable, the more you really are miserable yourself, that's why just let things go and DO GOOD!

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