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Painter of the Berlin Dancing Girl, Greek (South Italian). Red-Figure Calyx-Krater 440-420 B.C.E. Terracotta.

Terracotta calyx-krater (mixing bowl) Attributed to the Amykos Painter Period: Classical Date: ca. 430–400 B.C. Culture: Greek, South Italian, Lucanian Medium: Terracotta

Red-figured volute krater depicting Apollo and Artemis attributed to the Palermo Painter Greek made in Lucania South Italy 415-400 BCE Terracotta (1) by mharrsch, via Flickr

Terracotta bell-krater (mixing bowl) Attributed to the Pisticci Painter  Period: Classical Date: ca. 430–410 B.C. Culture: Greek, South Italian, Lucanian

Terracotta hydria (water jar) Attributed to the Troilos Painter Period: Archaic, ca. 490 B.C. - Greek, Attic - Terracotta; red-figure

Terracotta stemless kylix (drinking cup) Attributed to the Asteas Workshop  Period: Classical Date: late 4th century B.C. Culture: Greek, South Italian, Paestan Medium: Terracotta

Neck-amphora, Archaic, ca. 540–530 b.c.; black-figure Attributed to a painter of the Princeton Group Greek, Attic Terracotta

Nolan neck-amphora with triple handles, ca. 470–460 b.c.; red-figure Attributed to the Achilles Painter Greek, Attic Terracotta

Red Figured Kylix (wine Cup), dipicting the suicide of Ajax, Brygos the painter, Terracotta, Greek, made in Athens, 490, BC, Getty Villa, Malibu, Dec. 2012

Terracotta volute-krater (bowl for mixing wine and water) with stand Period: Classical Date: ca. 430 B.C. Culture: Greek, Attic Medium: Terracotta