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The Labors of Herakles | Thematic Essay | Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

A red-figure loutrophoros from Apulia, 4th century BCE. These tall slim vessels with elongated handles were used during wedding and funeral rites and as grave markers, especially for those who died unmarried. This example depicts women and youths in preparation for a special ocassion. (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York).


Stamnos (liquid storing vessel) depicting a horseman. Black-figure pottery. Etruscan Civilisation, 6th Century BC.

ギュスターヴ・モロー作品bot(非公式) on


Terracotta neck-amphora (jar). Archaic. ca. 510 B.C. Greek, Attic. Reverse, centaurs beat the lapith Kaineus into the ground

Japanese Buddhist Temple Todaiji - Great Buddha of Nara, Japan

Athena on attic red-figure amphora by the Providence Painter. (470-465 B.C.) Hermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg

∷ Variations on a Theme ∷ Collection of flow blue pottery

Hydria (water jar): Family Scene 440 BCE - 430 BCE. Domestic scene, father, mother, child and nurse; loom in background. Mended. Greek. Classical period, High. | Harvard Art Museums