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The main training schools for gladiators were in Capua, south of Rome. Some gladiators were volunteers (mostly freedmen or very low classes of freeborn men) who chose to take on the status of a slave for the monetary rewards or the fame and excitement. Anyone who became a gladiator was automatically infamis, beneath the law and by definition not a respectable citizen. A small number of upper-class men competed in the arena but they constituted a special, esoteric form of entertainment

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Senatus Publisque Romanus - The Senate and People of Rome

Lod Israel Mosaic

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Pagnearius - villa Nennig - Germany

Ancient Rome Military History | ancient roman siege weapons: hebrustan

Gladiators combat from mosaic of the Gladiator, 320 A.C. from Terranova, Rome. Galleria Borghese, Rome

Mosaïque Mosquée Umayyad (Damas - Syrie) - façade

julius ceasar - death mask

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