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Rusalka- Slavic myth: female water creatures that were able to walk out onto land at night to dance and sing in meadows. Their singing would entice men to follow them to their death at the lake floor. They had green hair, translucent skin, and pupil-less eyes. They wielded magic combs that could conjure water when ever needed. If their hair dried out on land, they would die.

Inspired by the Classical moon goddess Selene - Julia Jeffrey

The peryton is a fictional animal combining the physical features of a stag and a bird. The Peryton was created and described by Jorge Luis Borges in his Book of Imaginary Beings, using a supposedly long-lost medieval manuscript as a source. G.River

Little Red Ridding Hood (by Kansunkea)

Picture of a Rusalka. . . . still, best to stay away from them. . .

Sao Ch’ing Niang Niang is the Chinese Goddess of Good Weather. She is also known as the Broom Lady. She lives on the Broom Star, Sao Chou, and sweeps the clouds. She sweeps them in when rain is needed and out when it is not. Farmers often hang pictures of brooms on their fences when in need of Sao Ch’ing’s services.

Gaueko- Basque myth: a spirit of the night. he punishes those who claim to not fear the darkness of the night.

The Pukwudgies have haunted the forests of Massachusetts since before the first European Settlers ever thought about setting out for a new land. For centuries they tormented the local Native Americans and crept their way into their creation myths and oral history. They could easily be passed of as legend, and in fact, their physical description is much like mythological creatures from other cultures in other times.

Kikimora- Slavic myth: a female house spirit. If the house was in order she would secretly help around the house with the chores at night, but if the house was in disorder she would break things and make a mess of the house during the night.

Shtriga- Albanian myth: a vampiric witch that sucks the life from children at night while they sleep. After she is done she would turn into a moth, fly, or bee and fly away. Only she herself could cure the ones she drains. Her drainings cause a sickness which leads to death.

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