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Rusalka- Slavic myth: female water creatures that were able to walk out onto land at night to dance and sing in meadows. Their singing would entice men to follow them to their death at the lake floor. They had green hair, translucent skin, and pupil-less eyes. They wielded magic combs that could conjure water when ever needed. If their hair dried out on land, they would die.

Sylph- German myth: a wind fairy that is invisible to everyone except a few select people. They can whisper the near future in your ear if you let them.


The peryton is a fictional animal combining the physical features of a stag and a bird. The Peryton was created and described by Jorge Luis Borges in his Book of Imaginary Beings, using a supposedly long-lost medieval manuscript as a source. G.River


Little Red Ridding Hood (by Kansunkea)

Sao Ch’ing Niang Niang is the Chinese Goddess of Good Weather. She is also known as the Broom Lady. She lives on the Broom Star, Sao Chou, and sweeps the clouds. She sweeps them in when rain is needed and out when it is not. Farmers often hang pictures of brooms on their fences when in need of Sao Ch’ing’s services.

These spirits of Teutonic and Norse mythology are hereditary protective guardians of individual humans from birth, passing from ancestor to descendant. The Fylgja, whose name means the Follower, may manifest as a woman bearing arms and riding through the skies, or may appear in the form of an animal. Whatever form they take, they appear as tutelary spirits only in dreams, giving warnings or advice about future events. To see one’s Fylgja when awake was the portent of imminent death.

Fantasy Digital Art by Vasylina Holodilina


Mahaha is a maniacal demon that terrorized parts of the arctic. This creature is described as a thin sinewy being, ice blue in colour and cold to the touch. Mahaha’s eyes are white and they peer through the long stringy hair that hangs in its face. This demon is always smiling and giggling. It is strong, very strong and it is always barefoot. Mahaha is usually seen with almost no clothing on yet it never seems to be bothered by the cold. This cold demon takes pleasure in tickling its…