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vajrayogini mantra - Google Search

vajrayogini mantra - Google Search

Vajrayogini in Tibetan called Dorje Naljorma symbolizes the female tantric aspect of the Buddha embodying the union of bliss and emptiness. The fire surrounding Vajrayogini is a manifestation of the five wisdoms of Vajrayogini and symbolizes bodhichitta.

Vajrayogini Painting

Vajravarahi: Dorje Phakmo, the Diamond Sow, a fierce aspect of Vajrayogini, regarded as the queen of the dancing, wrathful dakinis. Vajravarahi represents passion and compassion, and ignorance as well as the wisdom of the all-encompassing matrix from which all phenomena unfold. She appeared to Padmasambhava in The Rugged Forest of Parushakavana charnel ground, and blessed him.

Vajrayogini - Jack Niland

vajrayogini (space dancer of Naropa) -YouTube

Divine Buddha Vajrayogini (painted by Ori Carino)

Vajrayogini - Buddhist Goddess of Healing, Resilience and Rejuvenation

Vajrayogini doll