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Amaterasu - Goddess of the Sun

Goddess "Amaterasu" (by Hrana Janto) ~ Amaterasu's themes are the sun, tradition, unity, blessings, community & kinship. Her symbols are a mirror & gold or yellow items.

Tsuyoshi Nagano : Isis

Shinto Sun Goddess | important kami japanese goddess ame-no-uzume-no-mikoto wife sarutahiko ...

Amaterasu - Shinto goddess - reminding us to love ourselves - know we are more than enough and to SHINE! <3

神武さん&アマテラス | はにわぶろぐ

Ame-no-Uzume (天宇受売命 or 天鈿女命) is the Japanese Goddess of merrymaking and dance. She is the one who lured the sun Goddess Amaterasu to come out of her self-imposed exile in a cave, returning sunlight to the world. She overturned a washtub and began to dance on it, to the delight of the surrounding Gods and Goddesses. Their laughter at her antics made Amaterasu curious enough to step out of her cave. (Art by Kajita Hanko,『天宇受売命』, 1897, Fukutomi Taro collection)

Amaterasu Japanese sun goddess.

Tsuyoshi Nagano : Isis

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