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Kali draw

`I received this photograph of the Hindu goddess Kundalini Shakti from Shanti Mayi. He sent it to me after hearing my interview on Red Ice Radio. Shanti was struck by how much this statue reminded him of descriptions of the Nummo and the Eight Ancestors. According to the Dogon elder Ogotemmêli, besides having green skin, the Nummo were described as fish who were capable of walking on land.

maha vidya, maa kali

"See all women as mothers, serve them as your mother. When you see the entire world as the mother, the ego falls away." ~Maharajji (Sulamith Wulfing art)

This 'Yonitrantric' figure of Kali in menstrual flux is like a handsome, well-carved sheela-na-gig. cf Ballinderry Castle It was, however, carved in the 17th century. Could the influence have travelled from Ireland to India ? Kali is the (currently impotent!) goddess-challenger of demonic testosteronic madness. Similar wooden figures of the 17th and 18th century depict goddesses giving birth.


 すべての人は、四六時中、催眠術にかかっている。  求道者とは、少なくとも、自分は催眠術にかかっているんだろうなと認識している人だ。  そうでないと単に、「私は求道者」という催眠術にかかっているだけの人になってしまう。  しかし実際は、道を歩むための実質的スタン...

Was Kali created for Shiva?