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`I received this photograph of the Hindu goddess Kundalini Shakti from Shanti Mayi. He sent it to me after hearing my interview on Red Ice Radio. Shanti was struck by how much this statue reminded him of descriptions of the Nummo and the Eight Ancestors. According to the Dogon elder Ogotemmêli, besides having green skin, the Nummo were described as fish who were capable of walking on land.

maha vidya, maa kali

Shakti is the spirit of our primordial feminine energy within and its activity promotes the union of body, mind and spirit - Art: SEX-DEATH-REBIRTH Vajrayogini Goddess

Beyla, the Bee Goddess with influence over sweetness, wisdom and mead in Norse mythology.

Durga Maa, the god who became a goddess to become fiercer, then became Kali Ma when more fierceness was needed still.