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Uttu is the Sumerian Goddess of Weaving and Clothing. She is the child of Enki and Ninkur, and she bore seven child/trees from Enki, the eighth being the Ti (Tree of "Life", associated with the "Rib"). When Enki then ate Uttu's children, Ninhursag cursed him with eight wounds. Uttu in Sumerian means "the Woven".

Discordia is the Roman Goddess of Discord and Strife. The Roman equivalent of the Greek Goddess Eris, Discordia was a follower of Bellona, the Goddess of War. Virgil, in The Aeneid, describes her as having snakelike hair that she holds back with bloody ribbons.

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The Lampades are the Greek Nymphs of the Underworld. Companions of Hecate, the Greek Titan Goddess of Witchcraft and Crossroads, they were a gift from Zeus for Hecate's loyalty in the Titanomachy. They bear torches and accompany Hecate on her night-time travels and hauntings. Some accounts tell of how the light of the Lampads' torches has the power to drive one to madness.

In Roman mythology, Fraus was the Trickster Goddess and Personification of Treachery and Fraud. She was daughter of Orcus and Night (Nyx). She was depicted with a woman's face, the body of a snake, and on her tail the sting of a scorpion. She was a helper of Mercury and her Her Greek equivalent was Apate.

Salome: Dance of the Seven Veils is also thought to have originated with the myth of the fertility goddess Ishtar (Astarte) of Assyrian and Babylonian religion.

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