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ARDUINNA | Eponymous goddess of the Ardennes Forest and region, represented as a huntress riding a boar (primarily in the present-day regions of Belgium and Luxembourg). Her cult originated in what is today known as Ardennes, a region of Belgium, Luxembourg and France. She was later assimilated into the Gallo-Roman mythology of goddess Diana.

Goddess Henwen


Kay Nielsen

Nemetona: Goddess of sacred spaces, keeper of the sacred center and defender of the boundaries.

Lord of the Woodland by Helena Nelson - Reed.

Tantra teaches you how to listen to your own female body, reclaim your wild, primal nature, tap into the feminine powers of your confident sensual inner goddess, explore sexual freedom with integrity & heart, bring sacred sexuality into your relationship, restore personal boundaries, confront past trauma, practice genuine self love, clear limiting illusions, uncover your soul purpose.

Ведьма / Witch

"Goddess of the Forest"

King Llud Llaw of Ludgate [London] He was son of Beli Mar, the Druid High King. He rebuilt New Troy, as he was descended from Brutus & the famous Trojans all the way back to Goshen, Egypt. They are my ancestors//I have 6 lines to Llud/13 to Beli

Esus - described by the Romans as a Barbarous Celtic God Esus was one of a trio of Celtic gods who was worshipped in Gaul and was equated to the Roman gods Mars and Mercury during the Roman occupation of the region.Lucan, a Roman historian in 1AD, refers to Esus as a "barbarous" Celtic god, who was first encountered in Gaul by the soldiers of Julius Caesar. He also described the cruel rites associated with Esus as part of a trio of gods.