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Embracing the glory--artist Lillis Boyer

Enter Into His Garden -- by Jennifer Page

Siberian Trinity. Russian icon....the SECOND MESSIAH of GOD - HELEN ELENA SVE HELENA PROKHOROVA.. husband- Mikhail Prokhorov, Forbes ,politik Russia,party "Civic Platform".....p /s FIRST MESSIAH of GOD-JESUS CHRIST in the 1st century BC...........Вторая Мессия Бога - Элен Елена SVE Helena Прохорова... . муж- Михаил Прохоров, Forbes ,политик России, .партия "Гражданская Платформа"...p /s Первый Мессия Бога-Иисус Христос в 1 веке до н.э.

7 SPIRITS OF GOD - Revelation 4:5 "And from the throne proceeded lightnings, thunderings, and voices. Seven lamps of fire were burning before the throne, which are the seven Spirits of God."

Akiane Kramarik~ Love At First Sight ( acrylic on canvas 48"x 73" age 11) "Freedom Horse" is a painting about the search for freedom. "Butterfly Passion" is a painting about the search for love. And in this painting LOVE WAS FINALLY FOUND.

Worship from mourning to dancing MaryBeth Stafford Art

Yuko Nagayama

She waits patiently for her coming King, she keeps her lamp full of fresh oil, because she knows that the Bridegroom will soon return, so she is preparing for the wedding feast. She has her dress that has no spot or blemish and she has her lamp that is full of oil so she will be watchful and ready for His glorious return, and to take off her crown and lay it down at His feet. Written By: Angela McDowell

The Lion and the Lamb - Rev 5:12 -"worth is the Lamb who was slain to receive power & riches & wisdon, & strength & honor & glory & blessing!"