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Can a nation be saved in a day? Can a country be brought forth in a moment? - Isaiah 66:8 How powerful is a single day? How moving...a single moment? Think of the greatest moments of your life. Were these moments centered around you? or do they serve a greater purpose? Are they designed by love? Not only love for family or friends...but for those who have no food, no home, no love. Have you helped create their moments? These are the moments that shape us. These are the days we think about…

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We made videos talk with live data, like APIs. It's pretty fun what you can do with it. Like 10 videos per match during the whole Italian Football League tournament (Serie A Tim). Join Ilenia & Luca, ILLO's founders, in chit-chatting about it in this fast & dirty video recap. The project is inspired by a bunch of other projects made by great people in this area of automated video research & development. Our biggest goal with the project was to deliver completely automated videos tha...

The history of the world and the future to come, in the blink of an eye. Executive Producer: Rainer Ziehm Producer: Jonas Amoss Project Coordinator: Sara Santillan Director: S77 Creative Director: Sean Conner 3D modeling and 3D animation: Andrew Mark Animation: Sarah Schmidt, Karl Fekete, Chavilah Bennett Sound Design: Andrea Damiano, Ryan Peoples


MTV LIVEDAM Sing for Smile Tour VMAJ in SAPPORO(TV CM) / JASMINE,lecca,R...

Elevate Teaser 2012

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