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Boyfriend (Kari), Kisaragi Touma (Boyfriend Kari)

Boyfriend (Kari) Character CD Series vol.2 Momota Asuma, Tatsumi Shinonome & Aran Sumeragi, Ryunosuke Sena [Limited Edition] Momota Asuma (Takahiro Mizushima), Tatsumi Shinonome & Aran Sumeragi (Tomokazu Seki & Kengo Takanashi), Ryunosuke Sena (Atsushi Abe) CD Album

Dating Abuse: Sometimes the warning signs aren't bruises. Domestic violence knows no boundaries. It affects women, men and teens from all backgrounds. Kari was a happy teenager with hope and ambition. Then an abusive boyfriend changed everything. Watch Kari's story. #HealthLifeStories

"Boyfriend (formal)' character CD vol.5 & vol.6 anniversary sale! #柿原徹也,#谷山紀章 ,#浪川大輔 From the voice faculty Memorial comments first published #bf_kari

Kari and Boyfriend Chris

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This Boyfriend Had An Epic Response After A Stranger Tried To Tattle On His Girlfriend

An Internet Bro Didn’t Like This Woman’s Tone So He Tattled To Her Boyfriend | BuzzFeed “I think a lot of women get told to be more polite and be more gentle.” (Also - kudos to her boyfriend for his awesome response!)

Fossil - Gwyneth Boyfriend Chukka

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