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Goshuin Museum of vagabond Walther Doraemon - Daisho - @ wiki mobile

Japanese Calligraphy message: It is called 'goshuin-chou' in Japanese. You can get 'goshuin-cho' to keep stamps of temples and shrines in Japan.


This is Goshuin(御朱印). Goshuin (a letter bearing the shogun's scarlet seal) is proof that I have been to that place.


Japanese Calligraphy stamp book. It is called goshuin-chou


山梨県 身延山 思親閣 shishinkaku GOSHUIN CHUO (stamp book) Books are purchased at Goshuin Jyo (stamp entrance) of temples & shrines. Each will be stamped and signed for each place you visit for a small fee. The books are quite beautiful, according style with a silk cover. Each temple or shrine have their own design & color.

Yasaka-jinja Shrine (八坂神社)

【八坂神社】青龍の御朱印 平成25年11月03日 2013/11/03

TOKYO REAL Goshuin-cho "Collecting Shrine Seals" - YouTube