Spanish Lime/Genip/Quenepa (Melicoccus bijugatus). The Spanish Lime is a very close relative of the Lychee and Longan. The pulp is tart and melting, and it clings tenaciously to the seeds.

Mamones - Seriously, the best fruit ever!!! my favorite fruit from my childhood days in Panama! Oh I wish they had them here.

goose berry

GUAVA - (Odor profile: fruity note from the apple guava or pineapple guava…

Japanese Early Summer Fruit BIWA (びわ), aka Loquat/ Medlar

Sugar canes (yes, they are in the Fruit family!)

Hi Ladies, a fun board today, thanks Jan. Our new theme is a CITRUS COTTAGE - a fun, bright cottage in yellow, green and orange. Enjoy ♥


Mandarins by snehroy, via Flickr

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