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Love this colour combination. I've never seen purple nagabakama before, though I have heard them referenced as being worn exclusively by unmarried women. Wish I could see some documentation to back that up, though.

a heian lady preparing new robes: I adore her kasane colours, ume/plum!

Heian (?) noblewoman, with lovely view of nagabakama trousers, if scandalously under-dressed.

Woman wearing junihitoe.

Women dressed in junihitoe

ZONE2 みとれ処  明治・大正・昭和時代 皇族女子盛装 "A Court Lady In Formal Costume, modern, for the Empress and Her Ladies"

Junihitoe: with purple girls' nagabakama trousers.

Noble ladies in the Heian era wore gorgeous silk robes. The color combinations, graduations and patterns were important and often referred to the seasons. These are some typical combinations. Snow and apricot colour - winter wear (buds of apricot under snow)

葵祭(The Aoi Festival )

Вопрос 6. Средневековая Япония, эпоха Хэйан. Layout of a heian era room