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顆粒-男生臉型畫法 - YouTube

The Beastie Boys vs Herbie Hancock - Intergalactic Rockit

Onision. this is hilarious

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Kohnnies One Shot

I actually ship Johnnie and Alex Dorame << There's always that one person that ruins the ship lols Alex is really cool though

One day, you'll hear something that sound familiar. You don't quite catch it, and later go look it up and see if you can find out what the radio said. Your eyes skim over words, and catch on something in particular. "Daniel Howell, has passed at the age of 86 today." Or "Yesterday, Philip Lester, age 89, died." You read the words again as memories come back. Images of two laughing boys flood your mind as tears fall and you find a website and click on a video from long ago. "Phil Is Not On…

Phil is such a child XD

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