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Just to say I did, and then I'd give it away... HA HA! Well, actually I'd invest some, then carefully choose to whom I'd give it without them knowing who gave it.

Bucket list try differant types of Purdy's chocolate

DONE IT! I believe I had a Starbucks coffee in my hand as well.



Start a Book of Memories With My Bestfriend; me and Olivia should do this

I love giving gifts that people love. Sometimes it's hard because we all have so much. I make an effort to think of the recipient... sometimes I do well, sometimes I don't, but I'll always keep trying.

Change someone's life #Bucketlist

Stop caring about what anyone thinks.

Well I did, but when I was lil and I was terrified and wanted to get out. Why at the best moment?! Well maybe I will someday