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Cat sculpture by Japanese artist Yoshimasa Tsuchiya - Wood carving

christian boltanski

There is a moment when a clinging bead of water, in quiet orb-like suspension, becomes a droplet. The droplet reflects its surroundings while gathering light within. There is a moment when molten glass transforms from liquid to solid. This instant of transition is accompanied by an emission of beautiful light. Momento freezes that moment of ephemeral beauty and turns it into a source of light. The elliptical shadow, folding over itself, captures the glassmaker’s spinning technique....

Shadow And Light Sculptures By Diet Wiegman , Nice n Funny

Chiharu Shiota 《トラウマ/日常》 2007年 糸、鉄枠、服、アクリル絵の具 ©Chiharu Shiota 2008年度 | 2000年代 | 過去の展覧会 | 展覧会 | NMAO:国立国際美術館

Hannah Nunn: A love of paper & light

Faszinierende Traumwelten im Schattenreich: das PILOBOLUS Dance Theatre präsentiert ihre innovative Show „Shadowland" erstmals in Deutschland und Wien und am 30. April in „Wetten, dass..?", live aus der Messe Offenburg! Weitere Informationen und Tickets gibt es unter

Felt art by ::taneno.:: produced by Atsuko Sasaki: - Gallery > Object